The NetFlow sword is granted to those NetFlow Knights, familiar with Cisco NetFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, NetStream and sFlow. The symbolism represented by the NetFlow sword, demonstrates that the holder is prepared for a world that is about to explode with flow information. He or she has expressed an understanding that network traffic analysis with NetFlow is no longer limited by what is possible with NetFlow v5. Carriers of the sword know where NetFlow and IPFIX technology are going. Above all, they have decided to register for a NetFlow Training class in order to achieve this meritorious gift and as a result will ultimately lead to NetFlow Knighthood as well as further nobility within their company!

NetFlow Knights

The sovereign NetFlow Lords have also been hard at work reinventing NetFlow with Flexible NetFlow and IPFIX. Because of their heroic efforts, flow technology has evolved from a medieval protocol delivering topN statistics on hosts, protocols, ToS and applications - to a scalable architecture capable of providing businesses with end-to-end application performance management metrics on VoIP, email, virtualized applications and the like. Beyond internal applications, NetFlow and IPFIX have begun delivering details on response time for cloud services and rerouted connections which are especially useful details when the business depends on WAN connections. Carriers of the NetFlow sword have made flow technology the #1 choice for performing root cause analysis when locating performance issues or narrowing in on network threats.

Every day, somewhere in the world, there is a NetFlow Knight demonstrating his/her chivalry by using their symbolic NetFlow sword to cut down to the root cause of problems faster than ever thought possible.

  • Who is causing the slowness and who else is being impacted?
  • What is causing it and why?
  • When did it occur?
  • Where is it happening?
  • How did it occur?
  • The NetFlow sword provided by a leader in NetFlow has done for Knights what swords had done some millennia ago.
netflow sword

How can you be granted NetFlow Knighthood?

  • You must realize that to resist the evolution of flow technology is futile.
  • You must appreciate that the equestrian members of packet analysis still serve an important purpose, although their participation in network traffic analysis and threat reconnaissance have diminished.
  • You must be open to new ways of leveraging flow technology beyond topN reporting.
  • You can also just stop by the Plixer booth at CiscoLive or take a class.

NetFlow Training

Attend the Advanced NetFlow Training class and listen to the prestigious and powerful instructor. He is your servant, your guide, your mentor.